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Alex Berenson's third novel finds CIA agent John Wells and his fiancée Jenny Exley settling into domestic life in Washington D.C. But an attack from an old nemesis has Wells once again fighting to save his country, as Exley fights to save her own life. Berenson is known for writing vivid, realistic villains, and the jihadists Wells must track down here are no exception.

John Wells returns to Afghanistan to hunt a possible leak in the agency’s station in Kabul, but finds himself facing deadly drug smuggling ring of US soldiers working with the Taliban.

In Saudi Arabia, a series of terrorist attacks has put the Kingdom on edge. King Abdullah is losing his hold, and his own secret police cannot be trusted. With nowhere to turn, the king asks for ex-CIA agent John Wells's help.

When two former covert agents are gunned down, John Wells learns that the victims were part of an interrogation team that operated out of a secret base called the Midnight House, where they extracted information from the toughest jihadis. Wells must find out who is hunting and killing them. But the trail of blood leads him to a place he couldn't have imagined.

The CIA knows the best way to insure that North Korea's nuclear weapons aspirations is slowed down considerably is to abduct leading scientist Dr. Sung Kwan from the rogue state. The snatch plan is perfect and the team succeeds in a grabbing Kwan; however, the CIA unit and the Korean scientist are killed during the escape. Someone from within the intelligence community sold out the mission. Agent Jennifer Exley is assigned to find out whom.

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