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Genre: Fiction

Corpse Eater. Homewrecker. Marlboro Man. Puppy Slayer. Desecrator. Most of them are only thirteen, but they already know what it’s like to kill. It is Liberia of 1995, and the First Liberian Civil War is ravaging the country. Young boys are being drafted against their will into a local warlord’s small army, and each day they are forced to witness the worst atrocities the humans are capable of—and sometimes they are forced to partake in them. Strength and terror rule the country, and everything is free for the taking. But their latest raid on a nearby village has had unforeseen consequences. The boys suddenly find their small army besieged by supernatural creatures who will kill anyone to sate their lust for vengeance. The only way for the boys to survive is to stick with their bloodthirsty warlord who is convinced that the only way to defeat those monsters is to search out their origins. Origins that may predate humanity itself.

* * *

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