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Genre: Fiction

A group of unsuspecting oil workers deals with an unexplainable power outage. Being that their isolation makes them mostly inaccessible, as they are on a man-made island ten-miles off the coast of Barrow, AK, they come to the difficult decision they must go find help themselves. After a harrowing trip over the ice, they make it to Barrow only to find that it was also dark and devoid of any normal life. Things went from bad to worse when one of them is attacked by a gray-skinned man. With nowhere else to go, they break into an abandoned house and begin to give aid to their injured friend. During their search for supplies in the house, they find a woman sitting alone. Her skin is gray like the man who attacked them earlier. For her, though, she’s near-comatose, sitting at the kitchen table, covered in an odd mucus, and seemingly paralyzed. Tears flow down her face as the group decides her fate. Before they’re able, the man who is injured from the attack awakens, and it’s clear he isn’t well. This coincides with an ominous gathering of more Gray-skinned people outside. After several moments, they attack the house. The group escapes and makes their way to the corporate headquarters of the company they work for, which was their plan from the beginning. Along the way, they save a woman and child trapped in a house by a group of Grays. Once at the headquarters, the woman, who has everything to lose, exposes a plot by foreign powers to destroy the United States. B.J. Farmer (Billy Farmer) is a new author…. Yeah, I’m actually writing this, so I’ll just finish it in the first-person. Actually, I won’t bore you with the details of my wonderful book. You’ll see enough of it on this page if you stick around.

Genre: Fiction

After discovering a secret group’s plot to destroy the US from within, William and his friends, having nowhere else to go, seek aid from a small air force base, just outside Barrow, Alaska. What they find there only further muddies their understanding of what is happening. With Barrow lost to the Order, the group travels to Fairbanks, with the hope the military base there is still standing. Along the way, the group finds a singular living person in Prudhoe Bay. The child has no recollection of her parents, past events, including the massacre, or even her name. Worse, the girl has the same large, dark eyes and gray skin as the Grays they have been fighting since the beginning of the troubles. The girl, though, seems normal otherwise. That doesn’t make their decision about what to do with her any easier. Needing a break from the road, they stumble upon Toolik Field Station, an out of the way research facility. As one of the characters says about it: “It’s in the middle of the middle of nowhere.” Not far enough, though. The relaxation and calm of several days of semi-normal existence come to a head when they’re attacked. It’s the betrayal, though, that leaves the greatest mark.

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