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Genre: Fiction

Twenty-three years ago, the inhabitants of Overland left Land to escape the Plague. In this sequel to , the survivors of Land bring an ultimatum—submit or die of the Plague.

Genre: Fiction

The concluding volume of the trilogy which began with “The Ragged Astronauts” and “The Wooden Spaceships” finds the twin worlds of Land and Overland facing a strange new threat. Bob Shaw’s previous novels have earned him a world-wide reputation and he has won the British Science Fiction Award.

Genre: Fiction

Orbitsville—scene of two of Bob Shaw’s novels—is a vast hollow world completely enclosing its sun and habitable across its entire inner surface. At the end of “Orbitsville Departure”, the whole world was shifted to an alternate universe and this book tells what happens next.

Genre: Humor

In the 24th century, men join the Space Legion to forget. A memory-erasing machine makes sure they do just that. The machine purges the memory of all traces of guilt, but for Legion recruit Warren Peace it has wiped out everything. He must have had a very nasty past indeed—if only he could recall it. Into battle with the Legion, Warren faces vicious predators in fearsome conflict without the slightest idea why he's been stupid enough to sign on in the first place!

Genre: Fiction

This is the gripping story of the collision between two vastly different human civilisations. One is Earth in the early 21st century, rushing toward self-inflicted nuclear doom. The other is the distant world of Mollan, whose inhabitants have achieved great longevity and the power to transport themselves instantly from star to star.

Bob Shaw’s novel unfolds a tale which spans thousands of years and the reaches of interstellar space. On Earth’s side, there is Denny Hargate, whose indomitable courage drives him to alter the course of history. On their side is the Gretana ty Iltha, working on Earth as a secret observer, who dreams of returning to the delights of her world’s high society, but who gets caught up in a cosmic train of events leading to an explosive climax.

Genre: Fiction

THE TWO-TIMERS is an unpredictable and fascinating novel of a man literally fighting himself… while the universe fell apart…

THE TWO-TIMERS is his third novel, but the first to achieve maior publication.

Genre: Fiction

Land and Overland — twin worlds a few thousand miles apart. On Land, humanity faces a threat to its very survival — an airborne species, the ptertha, has declared war on humankind, and is actively hunting for victims. The only hope lies in migration. Through space to Overland. By balloon.  — first volume in an epic adventure filled with memorable characters, intense action, engaging notions, exotic locales.

Won BSFA Award for Best Novel in 1987.

Genre: Fiction

First published in 1971 as Ground Zero Man, this novel was revies by the author and published in 1985 as .

It is 1988, and an obscure scientist, Lucas Hutchman, has made a momentous discovery. He can build a neutron resonator: a device which, once triggered, will detonate every nuclear warhead in the planet. In a future on the brink of nuclear suicide (Damascus has just been wiped out by a terrorist nuclear bomb), the temptation is irresistible to use his invention as a gun held against the heads of the world’s leaders. Lucas constructs the machine, and then sends plans to prominent scientists and politicians everywhere, giving a deadline on which he will activate it. They will be forced to dismantle their weapons, and the world will breathe again.

Very quickly, Lucas discovers that he has pitched himself into a world with which he is ill-equipped to cope: the world of secret agents, espionage, kidnapping and murder. His problem is to stay under cover and survive long enough to implement his plan.

Genre: Fiction

A sequel to .

Alien beings, Ultrans, built an enormous sphere, millions of times the size of Earth, which contains its own sun as a trap for sentient beings of the universe. The artificial world attracts the world’s population to such an extent that soon Earth is a half-deserted historical curiosity. Scientist Garry Dallen learns of the Ultrans’ plans second before Orbitsville and its population are whisked millions of light years into outer space.

Genre: Fiction

When the young son of Elizabeth Lindstrom, the autocratic president of Starflight, falls to his death, Vance Garamond, a flickerwing commander, is the obvious target for Elizabeth’s grief and anger. She is not a forgiving employer and Garamond has no choice but to flee.

But fleeing Elizabeth’s wrath means leaving the Solar System behind for ever and hiding somewhere in deep space.

Pursued remorselessly by Earth’s space fleet, the ‘somewhere’ that Garamond discovers in an unimaginably vast, alien-built, spherical structure which could just change the destiny of the human race.

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