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Agatha Award (nominee)

Stylish, amusing, and deliciously wicked, the Misses Hyacinth and Primrose Tramwell are hired to investigate a woman's organization whose members choose widowhood over divorce. With the help of a newlywed friend, the spinster sleuths stalk the mastermind of matrimonial murder.

“It is the absurd predicaments of her central characters that readers find themselves recalling, and Cannell is cunning at devising outlandish situations for them.”-Chicago Sun-Times

“Cannell orchestrates plenty of laughs along with a clever plot, merrily winking at readers as she pokes fun at numerous genre conventions.”-Publishers Weekly

“With its ancient setting, complicated story, mysterious old houses, hidden diaries, simmering passions, spooky emanations and love matches gone awry, [Bridesmaids Revisited] sometimes reads like Wuthering Heights on steroids… Cannell’s smooth narration and her appealing, smart-mouthed characters charm you into suspending disbelief. The result is a thoroughly delightful puzzle.” -Publishers Weekly

“Full of gothic touches and the ineffable sweetness of memory.” -Booklist (starred)

“Wacky and wonderful.”-Carolyn Hart

“Spunky and delightful.”-Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Sparkling wit and outlandish characters.” -Chicago Sun-Times

“Thoroughly entertaining.”-Cosmopolitan

“Wickedly witty good bubbly fun.”-The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Hilariously funny.”- Boston Globe

"Ellie Haskell has had her ups and downs with housekeeper Mrs. Malloy, but she can't help missing her when the corpulent, caustic cleaning lady starts moonlighting in a private detective's office – nosing into his files as she dusts them. So Ellie is quite pleased when "Mrs M.," as she is affectionately known, summons her to Detective Jugg's office one evening for a woman-to-woman chat – though she's a bit surprised when Mrs. M. offers her one of Mr. Jugg's Lucky Strikes and a swig out of his bottle of bourbon. The room is just beginning to spin and the conversation to grow more lively when in walks detective Jugg's no-show afternoon client, Lady Krumley." "Before the two ladies can explain they are not detectives, the hawk-nosed matriarch clad in modish mourning sixty years out of date tells them a tale that goes back thirty years – to when she wrongfully dismissed her parlor maid, Flossie, who was secretly in the family way courtesy of the under gardener. Tragically, Flossie soon died of tuberculosis, while striving to support herself and her child, Ernestine – but not before vowing vengeance from beyond the grave on the rich Krumleys at Moultty Towers. Now, Krumley family members have started meeting with fatal accidents… The curse, Lady Krumley fears, is being fulfilled." Feeling both generous and confident, Ellie and Mrs. Malloy decide they like Lady Krumley and want to take on her case. Can this newly formed but unlikely detective duo find Ernestine and prevent more Krumleys from crumbling in the churchyard without killing each other first?

On a dark and foggy night, charming amateur sleuth Ellie Haskell, her husband Ben, and her plucky sidekick Mrs. Malloy find themselves stranded at a grand estate on the Yorkshire moors. Lord Belfrey of Mucklesfeld Manor has decided to save his crumbling establishment by offering himself as the prize on a TV reality show titled 'Here Comes the Bride.' Thrilled at the prospect of marrying a lord, Mrs. Malloy eagerly joins the competition. After one of the potential brides is shot during an archery contest, Ellie begins to explore the dark passageways and hidden nooks of the delightfully Gothic estate – but she may not be prepared for the secrets lurking behind closed doors.

“One of the year’s funniest and most engaging mysteries.” -Eligabeth Peters

The formerly plump girl turned Thin Woman may now be happily married and a mother, but she hasnt lost her wit, her weakness for romance, or her knack for landing herself in trouble. With her irreverent sidekick and charwoman, Mrs. Roxie Molloy, at her side, Ellie has not only solved a crime or two, but has read every Gothic romance she can find and has begun introducing a young cousin, Ariel, to the finer points of the genre.

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