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The Grande Dame of the ballroom, Corrinne Blakely, has had a career in dancing for close to fifty years. She's seen, heard and experienced it all. Now she wants to tell all…but, someone out there will do what it takes to keep that from happening. Unfortunately, when she keeled over at lunch, her dining companion was Maurice Goldberg, one of the instructors at Graysin Motion Dance Studio.

The studio owner, Stacy Graysin, is sad to hear of Corrine's passing but when she hears it was murder and that Maurice is the prime suspect, she knows she needs to start asking questions. Detective Lissy reminds Stacy what happened the last time. How could Stacy forget? She got shot and her studio was set on fire. Eh, minor details!

Things have been getting back to normal but she just can't let Maurice take the rap for something he didn't do. Besides, she needs Maurice at the studio. Corrine had quite the notorious life during her career including finding time for seven ex-husbands and one of them was Maurice. One of them must have had an axe to grind… or not. Corrine didn't win so many competitions during her career without stepping on some toes.

Can Stacy dance her way around the numerous suspects and motives to find the right one before Maurice takes his last step on the dance floor?

What a fun series this one is becoming! I read the first book and really enjoyed it hoping the sequel would be just as good. It is! For cozy fans and for those who like to read a little behind the scenes in the dance world, this will be the perfect fit.

What if your dance partner, business partner, and fiance was stepping out with another woman? That's exactly what happens to Stacy Graysin, who shares ownership of a ballroom dance studio with the man who broke her heart, Rafe Acosta.

But when Stacy discovers Rafe's dead body in the studio one dark night, the police suspect her of killing him. To clear her name and save her studio, Stacey teams up with Rafe's estranged cousin from Argentina, Tav, to find the real killer. And if Stacy doesn't watch her step, the killer may make this dance her last.

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