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Genre: Fiction

Novelization of the BBC TV Series

Originality, excitement, pace, and scientific accuracy—readers who appreciate these elements in science fiction will enjoy thoroughly this outstanding novel of adventure. is the product of a very successful collaboration between an astrophysicist of world-wide reputation and a talented dramatist whose work for British television has received the highest critical recognition.

The scene is set ten years from now. A new radio-telescope picks up from the constellation of Andromeda, two hundred light-years away, a complex series of signals which prove to be a program for a giant computer. Someone in outer space is trying to communicate, using a supremely clever yet entirely logical method.

When the necessary computer is built and begins to relay the information it receives from Andromeda, the project assumes a vital importance: politically, militarily, and commercially. For scientists find themselves possessing knowledge previously unknown to man, knowledge of such a nature that the security of human life itself is threatened.

As a seven-part serial on BBC television, this story established popularity records. The last several installments doubled BBC’s audience, reaching 80 per cent of the viewing audience of Great Britain.

Genre: Fiction

Can immortal man ever outwit the airlines?

What if dumb animals could be trained to “appreciate” the communications media of the human world?

How does agent Number 38, Zone 11, respond when he sights a U.F.O.?

What happens to Slippage City when the Devil decides to think big?

These—plus a remarkable sex comedy—are some of the intriguing themes of the new Hoyle galaxy that ranges the full scientific spectrum and beyond into the furthest reaches of the imagination. Author Fred Hoyle is an internationally renowned astronomer and much of his fiction is rooted in the realm of what is possible—scientifically and psychologically—on earth and in space, in the present and the future. His vision of his fellow humans is disquieting, hilarious, and sometimes frightening; his social commentary is often etched in acid. In Mr. Hoyle steps forward to take a backward glance at our world—deftly balancing his followers between the unreal and the real, between a chuckle and a shudder.

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