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Genre: Fiction

MADBALL is the story of people in travelling show. A killer is loose among them, and hidden somewhere in the tents and gear is $42,000 in stolen money …

Logical add-on to the old phrase about a busybody never resting. Fred Brown’s Lenient Beast is a five-part narrative telling of the perfect crime. The killer is driven not out of lust, greed or any of the usual sobs, rather ‘cause he cares so much for all of us.

This novel of serial killings garners its strength from the bluntness and crispness of Brown’s narrative; this is a detective novel with no moody lighting, no one-liners and no super cool hero. Each chapter presents a different view point, yet each latches onto the previous chapter to create a stifling tale of a week in a small town in the US south with a killer on the lose. This is the literary equivalent of Jim Jarmusch’s Night on Earth or Mystery Train — this is Pynchon rather than Spillane.

One night when a desperate rapist-killer stalked a town, ten hours of panic and terror that turned the night into a nightmare. For as the net tightened around the killer more and more people became entangled in a chain of events that ended in an explosion of maniacal savagery

Genre: Fiction

Fredric Brown (1906-1972) is perhaps best remembered for his use of humor and his mastery of the "short-short" form (these days called flash fiction) — stories of one to three pages, often with ingenious plotting devices and surprise endings. (He also wrote excellent short stories and novels.) This volume contains 27 of his stories, including the classics "The Waveries," "Honeymoon in Hell," "Cartoonist," and many more!

Genre: Fiction

Fredric Brown (1906-1972), one of science fiction’s greatest masters from the Golden Age, is famous for his many classic short stories -- quite a few of which are presented here, including "Arena," "Knock," "Earthmen Bearing Gifts," "The Star Mouse," and many more.

Genre: Fiction

He was incapable of love or mercy.. or hate. And he certainly never felt the lack. He was almost pure thought. He was just doing what he had to do - looking for the right body to play host to him. Once he found it and moved in, he would execute one of the most incredible plans ever conceived. He would be hailed as a hero on his own planet and Earth would never know what hit it!

Genre: Humor

Energy beings from outer space invaded Earth’s atmosphere making electricity and radio impossible. Is it humanity’s bane or blessing?

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