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Genre: Fiction

Gene Wolfe came to prominence as a writer in the late '60s with a sequence of short stories—includingand anthologies. His early major novels were andbut he established his reputation with a sequence of three long multi-volume novels(4 vols),(4 vols),(3 vols)—and pendant volume,Wolfe has published a number of short story collections, includingandHe has won the Nebula Award and World Fantasy Award twice, the Locus Award four times, the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, the British Fantasy Award, the British SF Award, and is the recipient of the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement. Wolfe's most recent books are collectionand major new fantasy novelUpcoming is a new collection of science fiction stories.

In the story that follows a modern day chrononaut unexpectedly finds himself off-target, out of step, and in the company of argonauts.

Genre: Fiction

Gene Wolfe is perceived by many critics to be one of the bestperhaps bestSF and fantasy writers working today. His most acclaimed work is the The Book of the New Sun, individual volumes of which have won the Nebula the World Fantasy the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. He followed this up with a popular new series, The Book of the Long Sun, that included recently completed another series, The Book of the Short Sun, with the novels His other books in­clude the classic novels both recently rereleased, His short fiction has been collected in the World Fantasy Award-winning collection His most recent books consist of a two-volume novel series, new collec­tion, the long-awaited new en­try in the Soldier of the Mist sequence,

In the strange and evocative story that follows, he takes us into the deepest recesses of a mystic wood and involves us anew in one of the oldest of stories . . .

Genre: Fiction

Humans go into space for many reasons. For some it's adventure and excitement. Others, it's the solitude. And some choose it for their final resting place. March Wildspring is a freelance cameraman, working on a documentary on the memorials drifting in the emptiness of space. Some are lovely, peaceful monuments to the deceased. Others are built not to honor the dead but trap the living. Memorial 19 is like nothing March has ever seen before. And when he and his crew enter it, they will not be allowed to leave unchanged....

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