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Genre: Fiction

Mind Changer is a 1998 science fiction book by author James White and is part of the Sector General series.

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Genre: Fiction

Double Contact is a 1999 science fiction book by author James White and is the last in the Sector General series.

Clinton Lawrence described as “in a very positive way, a throwback to an earlier era in science fiction” since it is optimistic and depicts several advanced species working harmoniously. The struggle to build trust and produce a successful first contact is, he thought, as exciting and suspenseful as one could wish for. However Lawrence also noted that the level of characterization was the minimum required to support the plot.

This book has an unusual feature in personal pronoun usage: in most Sector General stories, one human is “he” or “she” (or other grammatical case forms) and one alien is “it”. But, in , often in the text the character Prilicla is “he” and a human or a member of any other species is “it”.

Genre: Fiction

The Galactic Gourmet is a 1996 science fiction book by author James White and is part of the Sector General series.

Todd Richmond wrote that the Sector General series declined after (1985), hitting a low point with , and that the later books tended to stretch a short story’s worth of content to the length of a novel. However he thought that (1998) represented an improvement.

A famous chef wangles an appointment to Sector General for the challenge of creating food for so many different species. Like the Sommaradvan healer Cha Thrat (Code Blue — Emergency), he creates chaos everywhere he goes.

He first meets the swimming "crocodile-like" Chaldars, who complain that their food is unsatisfying. Realising that they are accustomed to capturing their food live, he develops motile food for them. They are delighted, but they completely destroy their hospital ward charging around chasing it.

Next, he learns that the spray-on food used to nourish the Hudlar is uninteresting. His investigations show that it needs small toxins to "flavor" it, which would be found naturally on their home planet. He visits a Hudlar ship, but causes a huge cargo bay accident expelling him into space. He rescues himself by riding some sprayers back to the station, but is in everyone’s bad books.

Sympathetic staffers hide him on the ambulance ship Rhabwar for an upcoming assignment. In the meantime, an epidemic at the hospital turns out to be a major nutmeg overdose caused by a sous-chef foolishly using ten times the required amount in a recipe.

The Rhabwar is sent to a starving planet, whose people think their dwindling meat supply is the only desirable food and are shamed by its lack. He is able to commune with their first Cook better than the diplomats are doing. He finds ways to improve their sad vegetarian diet, and helps to set more positive attitudes toward it. The Cook’s son is wounded on a game-hunting expedition, and the medical ship takes him on board for healing. The populace grows very angry, mystifying the team. They finally recall the aliens’ cannibal tradition and produce him alive.

Genre: Fiction

Star Healer is a 1985 science fiction book by author James White and is part of the Sector General series.

Conway is replaced on the ambulance ship Rhabwar by Diagnostician Prilicla. Conway visits healer Khone on the planet Goglesk, and witnesses first-hand their destructive racial mass-hysteria response to physical proximity. He inadvertently links minds with Khone and learns a great deal more. Back at Hospital Station, Conway decides to treat some Hudlar accident victims with a rear-to-front limb transplant, because stranger transplants require permanent exile. Conway also proposes staving off geriatric Hudlar problems by elective amputation. At the end, he successfully delivers a sentient telepathic Unborn (see Ambulance Ship) from its violent non-sentient Protector.

Genre: Fiction

Code Blue — Emergency is a 1987 science fiction novel written by author James White and is part of the Sector General series.

White said in an interview that originally he intended to end the series with (1985), by which time the central characters had reached the top levels in their careers. However Ballantine Books persuaded him to continue, and he extended the stories’ range by introducing new central characters beginning with .

The protagonist of the story is Sommaradvan healer Cha Thrat. She bravely saved a human pilot who crashlanded on her planet, despite a complete lack of knowledge about his physiology. Contact with her species was established by the accident, so knowledge of their social customs is still virtually non-existent. However, she is invited to join the Sector General staff.

Cha Thrat innocently wreaks havoc by following her instincts and social customs. First she befriends a hypochondriac Chalder. Next, she is invited to assist at a therapeutic surgery operation to amputate the limb of a Hudlar, which will prolong its life (see Star Healer.) When given the honor of cutting the limb, she obliges — and then deliberately cuts her own arm off as well, in accordance with the custom of her people. Next she saves the untouchable patient Khone (see Star Healer), and then finds a weird parasite species on a derelict spaceship. Due to the chaos she causes, every department in the hospital now refuses to allow her near their patients. O’Mara values her unusual approaches, and decides to add her to his staff.

Genre: Fiction

Hospital Station is a 1962 science fiction book by author James White and is the first volume in the Sector General series. The book collects together a series of five short stories previously published in magazine between 1957 and 1960.

“Medic” — During the construction of Sector 12 General Hospital, construction worker O'Mara is suspected of negligently causing the death of two alien workers. Pending an investigation he is restricted to quarters and given the aliens' child to care for.

“Sector General” — The first story of the main series' narrative. Doctor Conway has spent two months on the station and is about to be confronted with several emergencies as well as his first educator tape.

“Trouble with Emily” — Conway is ordered to assist with a project involving a large dinosaur-like alien.

“Visitor at Large” — A SRTT shape-changing alien runs amok in the hospital. Conway and a newly arrived Prilicla are enlisted to capture it.

“Out-Patient” — Following the recovery of a badly injured alien from a wrecked ship, Conway must pursue a radical treatment.

Genre: Fiction

Nebula Science Fiction – November 1955

Illustrated by Arthur Thomson

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