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Saudi Arabia, 1991. Troops stationed at the Dhahran airbase are in a state of high alert. The chemical warfare detectors have sounded and the soldiers scramble to put on their protective suits. They sit in tense silence, reminding themselves of the vaccinations which will protect them from chemical weapons. Then the all-clear sounds, and the troops rejoice that they are unharmed — or so they think...

England, 2002. Those same troops are getting ill. Their families are getting ill. Young ex-soldiers are dying from mysterious and varied diseases. And the survivors are angry. Steven Dunbar, a medical investigator with an elite Government agency, decides to probe further. But what he discovers shocks him to the core. For the deadliest threat of all lurks not in the Saudi oilfields or in Iraq, but in the plush boardrooms of Whitehall. And if something isn't done soon, then more innocent people will die.

When successful neurosurgeon John MacAndrew performs a routine operation to remove a tumour, the patient undergoes a severe personality change post-surgery. Hartman’s Tumour is diagnosed, a rare condition which leaves its victims deranged and destined to be confined to mental institutions. There is no option but to have the patient committed.

The patient’s husband blames MacAndrew for the dreadful outcome and sets about to ruin his career. With an uncertain future ahead of him, MacAndrew retreats to his native Scotland to lick his wounds and it there that he makes further discoveries about the mysterious illness and the chemical that induced it.

The damage wrought by the chemical affects the brain cells that normally block out a person’s memory of past lives, with the result of the appearance of multiple personality disorder in sufferers. Armed with this knowledge, MacAndrew thinks he may be able to save his patient, until he discovers someone is deliberately using the chemical to regress selected individuals and gain eyewitness accounts of events in the past.

When an apparent animal rights stunt sends shockwaves from the quiet English countryside to the corridors of Whitehall, Sci-Med, an elite investigative agency, sends Dr Steven Dunbar to uncover the truth. However, as a series of brutal incidents lays siege to the unassuming villagers, it is clear that even those held responsible are unable to explain the events or predict what is yet to come. Encountering even more frightening security measures enforced by unknown authorities, Dunbar realises that those who might hold the keys to the mystery are not prepared to help him, and those who have unleashed it will stop at nothing to fulfil their apocalyptic ambitions.

As our most sophisticated means of protection are shown to be useless, the ex-Special Forces medic is tested to the limit. Alone in a race against unspeakable tragedy, he must imagine the unthinkable — and all he knows is that, when the storm breaks, it’ll already be too late.

When John McKirrop takes shelter in a deserted graveyard one night, he witnesses the disinterment of the body of a young boy. Yet no one takes much notice of his stories. After all, who would believe the rantings of a homeless drunk?

Father Ryan Lafferty, the local priest, is trying to help the boy’s distraught father find his son’s body. Alarmed by implications of black magic, he becomes even more inquisitive when McKirrop dies under suspicious circumstances.

At the same time, a young female doctor, Sarah Lasseter, begins to query procedures at the trauma unit where she treated both the missing boy and McKirrop. Sarah and Father Ryan join forces as it becomes clear that beneath the cover of the noble advancement of medicine there is, ironically, both a sinister and horrific invention and a brilliant discovery — for which someone is prepared to kill, at whatever cost.

Dr. Frank Simmons works in the University of Edinburgh’s medical school. One of his PhD students, brilliant loner Gavin, announces his intention to find a cure for cancer and actually makes a major breakthrough. Oddly, no one seems to be interested, and a picture emerges of a cancer research industry caught in a desperate paradox: it can only justify its existence by not curing cancer.

Disinterest soon turns to open warfare as Simmons and Gavin’s work is sabotaged. A truly compelling story, this fast-paced scientific thriller blends superb dialogue with thought-provoking ideas.

Used to the sleepy tranquillity of village life in rural Wales, the residents of Felinbach are shocked by the brutal killing of a local baby, Anne-Marie Palmer. None more so than GP Tom Gordon, the only friend left to John Palmer who, faced with irrevocable evidence, stands accused of his daughter’s murder.

Just days later Tom is co-opted to investigate the disappearance of the body of a three-month-old cot-death victim from Caernarfon General’s Pathology Department. But the hospital is anxious to keep publicity firmly on their upcoming symposium on in vitro fertilisation, headed by world-renowned specialist Professor Carwyn Thomas, so Tom’s investigations seem thwarted at every turn. That is, until he makes the chilling discovery that Professor Thomas has more than just a passing interest in the murder of little Anne-Marie Palmer... and seems prepared to go to any lengths to stop Tom finding out why.

Suddenly a disturbing link between the murder of the Palmer baby, the missing body of a child and the IVF clinic at Caernarfon General begins to emerge. And with John Palmer about to be tried for a murder Tom is sure he didn’t commit, things are starting to look desperate — and dangerous — for all of them.

Two young girls die of a cancer so severe, that only recent exposure to carcinogen can account for it. The Public Health Department fails to trace the source of the carcinogen, so it is up to Dr Michael Neef to try and find the cause of the deadly disease before any more fall victim to it.

In a village outside Edinburgh, there is doubt that a genetically modified crop being grown is actually the one licensed by the government. Steven Dunbar, a medical investigator with Sci-Med is sent to investigate, but finds that the farmer who made the complaints, Thomas Rafferty, is a well known drunk. Rafferty has also applied for accreditation as an organic farmer, with the backing of two venture capitalists — who turn out to be ex-SAS, and possibly still working for the government in some capacity.

As Steven investigates further his own life comes under threat, as does the survival of the village, and he must band together with his few allies to solve the mystery of the original complaint and the ever larger picture which slowly becomes clearer...

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