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Genre: Children

Sophie Miller has tried out all sorts of titles for herself: Sophie the Awesome, Sophie the Hero, Sophie the Chatterbox… Will Sophie the Zillionaire be the one that sticks? She sure hopes so!

When Sophie finds fifty dollars on the sidewalk, it gives her a great idea for a new name: Sophie the Zillionaire! But snooty Mindy VonBoffmann already has a hundred dollars of her own. To keep the name Sophie the Zillionaire, Sophie has to make more money — and fast.

Being a zillionaire isn’t as easy as she thought! Could her new name turn into a money-making mess?

Genre: Children

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Sophie’s found the sweetest name of all!

Love is in the air! What better name for Sophie to try than Sophie the Sweetheart? After all, she’s found the perfect match for her teacher, Ms. Moffly — or so she thinks. Now it’s time to watch the sparks fly!

But being a sweetheart is about more than just matchmaking. Sophie has to be extra-nice to everyone, including her ex-best friend Toby and snooty Mindy! Ugh. Will Sophie’s latest name turn from super-sweet… to sour?

Genre: Children

Meet Sophie, a little girl with a big goal: to find the perfect title for herself. Look out — here’s Sophie the Hero!

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Sophie the Hero!

Sophie has discovered the perfect name this time, for sure: Sophie the Hero! After all, when little Ella ran out into the street in front of a car, Sophie swooped in to save the day. If that’s not heroic, what is?

But being a hero might be tougher than this third-grader expected. She’s supposed to save the day — not cause more trouble! Could Sophie’s latest name be a heroic flop?

Genre: Children

Sophie Miller never gives up! Even though she hasn’t found the perfect name yet, she’s still on the hunt. Will Sophie the Snoop be just the name she’s looking for?

Sophie already proved her super-sleuth skills when her piggybank went missing — she tracked it down in no time. Now Sophie the Snoop is on the scene! This is going to be the name that sticks, Sophie just knows it.

But being a successful snoop is harder than it looks. Sophie’s about to dig up some dirt… and tons of trouble!

Genre: Children

Sophie’s braving her best title yet… but can she live up to it?

Sophie is braving her best name yet!

None of Sophie’s oh-so-perfect names have stuck yet. But this time is different. Sophie isn’t going to worry about whether or not she can live up to her new name. Because this time, she’s fearless. She’s Sophie the Daredevil!

But it’s not always easy to face your fears. Sophie is about to learn that lesson the hard way!

Genre: Children

Meet Sophie, a little girl with a big goal: to find a title that describes her perfectly. But this isn’t quite what she had in mind! Look out — here’s Sophie the Chatterbox!

Can Sophie handle the truth?

When Sophie fessed up after putting a snake in Ms. Moffly’s desk, she learned that being honest pays off! Now it’s all truth, all the time for this third-grader.

But sometimes the truth hurts. Sophie blabs so much that the other kids in class start calling her Sophie the Chatterbox. (Not exactly the title she had in mind.) Sophie cannot tell a lie… but she CAN cause tons of trouble!

Genre: Children

Auditions for Flop Starz! are in town and Candace is determined to make the cut. But she didn’t count on Phineas and Ferb throwing their creative hat into the ring. And as if that weren’t enough, the next day Candace’s dreams to become a famous movie star change to nightmares when it turns out Phineas and Ferb are directing the vehicle for her debut! This time Candace will stop at nothing to show her mom just how Phineas and Ferb are spending their days-and ruining her life! Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz has created a machine that will shrink everything he dislikes. Will this mean the end for Perry the Platypus?

Genre: Children

Meet Sophie, a little girl with a big goal: to find the perfect title for herself. Look out — here’s Sophie the Awesome!

Sophie Miller’s life is boring. Average. Blah. She’s not the oldest or the youngest, the tallest or the shortest. She’s not even the only Sophie in her third-grade class!

Sophie knows she’s special. And she’s come up with the perfect name to show it: Sophie the Awesome! But living up to her new name won’t be easy — especially if super-annoying Toby Myers has anything to say about it.

Can Sophie prove her awesomeness… and prove everyone wrong?

Genre: Children

When a new art-talent fairy name Scarlett arrives, Bess thinks she needs to teach her a thing or two. But in the end it might be Bess who has something to learn!

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