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Keller, a faithful husband, doting father, and dedicated philatelist, has become a guilty pleasure for an increasing number of readers. They don’t think they should like the guy — but they just can’t help themselves...

Keller’s work takes him to New York, the former home he hasn’t dared revisit, where his target is the abbot of a midtown monastery. Another call puts him on a West Indies cruise, with several interesting fellow passengers — the government witness, the incandescent young woman keeping the witness company, and, sharing Keller’s cabin, his wife, Julia. But the high drama comes in Cheyenne, where a recent widow is looking to sell her husband’s stamp collection...

THE MASTER RETURNS — WITH NEVER-BEFORE-COLLECTED TALES OF MURDER AND DESIRE One of the most highly acclaimed novelists in the crime genre, Lawrence Block is also a master of the short story, with award-winning work ranging from the macabre to the slyly comic, from heart-stopping tales of revenge to memorable explorations of lust and greed, all told in Block’s unmistakable style. The sixteen stories (and one stage play!) collected here feature appearances by some of Block’s most famous characters, including gentleman burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr and alcoholic private detective Matt Scudder, as well as glimpses into the minds of a rogue’s gallery of frightening killers, dangerous sociopaths, crooked cops, and lost souls whose only chance to find themselves may be on the wrong side of a gun. You’ll meet a compulsive hoarder whose towering piles of trash and treasures hide disturbing secrets... a beautiful young tennis star with a rather too possessive secret admirer... a dealer in stolen art who is unwilling to part with his most prized possession at any price... poker players with agendas that have nothing to do with the cards in their hands... and a catch-and-release fisherman whose preferred catch walks on two legs. Terror and passion, cruelty and vindication — it’s all here, in a collection that will thrill you, scare you, and remind you why Lawrence Block is still the best there is at what he does.

I’M ED LONDON, Ph. D./PHILANDERER IN DANGER Nailing killers is my racket. But hiding their victims’ corpses from the law? Better conjure up Houdini, buddy, I’m not the man you want. That’s what I should have said. But I’ve got a heart as big as a bawdy house. When I saw my sister’s marriage going up in smoke because her husband's extramarital flame got murdered, I decided to stick my neck out and plant the body so it couldn’t be traced to him. That’s when the fur began to fly — and so, in fact, did the bullets. First, the girl had been leading a double life. Second, she had pulled a neat little doublecross that left me holding the bag — a bag with the keys to a priceless fortune — and up for grabs to every hood in town.

MATT SCUDDER RETURNS. More than 40 years after his debut and nearly a decade since his last appearance, one of the most renowned characters in all of crime fiction is back on the case in this major new novella by Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Lawrence Block. Well past retirement age and feeling his years — but still staying sober one day at a time — Matthew Scudder learns that alcoholics aren’t the only ones who count the days since their last slip. Matt’s longtime partner, Elaine, tells him of a group of former sex workers who do something similar, helping each other stay out of the life. But when one young woman describes an abusive client who’s refusing to let her quit, Elaine encourages her to get help of a different sort. The sort only Scudder can deliver. A Time to Scatter Stones offers not just a gripping crime story but also a richly drawn portrait of Block’s most famous character as he grapples with his own mortality while proving to the younger generation that he’s still got what it takes. For Scudder’s millions of fans around the world (including the many who met the character through Liam Neeson’s portrayal in the film version of A Walk Among the Tombstones), A Time to Scatter Stones is an unexpected gift — a valedictory appearance that will remind readers why Scudder is simply the best there is.

Genre: Fiction

It begins in the Pacific Northwest, in Oregon. Guthrie looks around and decides to take a walk. He doesn't know how far he's going, he doesn't know where he's going. He doesn't take much with him, just a small backpack. A journey of any length begins with a single step and Guthrie takes it, facing east. Wonderful things happen as he walks: Sleeping in the open in the chilled air, Guthrie discovers that he is not cold. Tired, he finds he always has a place to sleep. And he begins to draw people to him: Jody, a young man who doesn't understand what is happening, but knows he must walk. Sara and her son Thom. She's blind, but sees better than the sighted. Mame, crippled by arthritis, leaves her walker by the roadside. The group grows and walks and heals. Also walking, but on another path, is Mark. Murderous Mark. When he joins the people, he discovers his role… and his punishment. The random walk: It never ends, it just changes; it is not the destination which matters, but the journey.

In the era before he created moody private investigator Matthew Scudder, burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr, sleepless spy Evan Tanner, and the amiable hit man Keller — and years before his first Edgar Award — a young writer named Lawrence Block submitted a story titled “You Can’t Lose” to Manhunt magazine. It was published, and the rest is history. One Night Stands and Lost Weekends is a sterling collection of short crime fiction and suspense novelettes penned between 1958 and 1962 by a budding young master and soon-to-be Grand Master — an essential slice of genre history, and more fun than a high-speed police chase following a bank job gone bad.

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