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Genre: Fiction

An unlikely leader… A plot to take down the silo… Traitors everywhere… After being forced to take over as commander, Summer Lane must now depend on other strong-willed members to help her lead. But she soon discovers traitors lurking in the shadows. No one is safe. No one can be trusted. Yet, her troubles have just begun… A hidden peril reveals itself, threatening to take down the silo in a matter of days as another force closes in on their secret location. Is this the end? Or will they somehow beat overwhelming odds and survive once again? Part II in the SILO series is another non-stop action-thriller from best-selling authors Jay J. Falconer and M.L. Banner. You might want to fasten your seat belt as the mayhem ramps up to an entirely new level. Get all three books of SILO now. Rated R for violence, language, and bloodshed.

Genre: Fiction

A world covered in ice… A missile silo prepped for war… Threats looming everywhere… After a new ice age smothered the planet, most perished along with the sunlight, leaving only the desperate. It was kill or be killed, pitting neighbor against neighbor in an epic battle for survival. Now humanity is almost gone. Armed camps remain. For some, strength comes in numbers, attacking anything that moves in a blur of anger and revenge. For others, keeping their dignity and a few scavenged items are the only things worth saving. It’s the classic struggle of good versus evil, except no one truly knows which side they’re on. The SILO trilogy is an explosive, high-octane thriller. If you like pulse-pounding action, resourceful warriors, and true grit, then you’ll love this new series from best-selling authors Jay J. Falconer and M.L. Banner. Buy SILO now to join the fight for survival. You won’t believe what happens. Rated R for violence, language, and bloodshed.

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