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Genre: Fiction

The Med Service people hit strange problems as routine: if they weren't weirdos, they weren't tough enough to merit Med Service attention. Now the essence of a weird problem is that it involves a factor nobody ever thought of before ... or the absence of one nobody ever missed ...

Genre: Fiction

A flick of the wrist—and whole cities plunged into a void of lifelessness.

Newark ... Manhattan ... Baltimore—one by one they went out. A succession of thriving communities suddenly put out like a guttered flame—men, women, children sprawled like grotesque mannikins.

Steve Waldron knew it couldn't be plague. There had to be some connection with the disappearance of the nation's top scientists. And then he plunged to the very center of a dead city and gaped at a truth he could not believe. What could he do against so fearsome a force that threatened to engulf the whole nation?

Here's a spine-tingling science-fiction novel by an old master. It will open up a new dimension of suspense and excitement.

Genre: Fiction


Beneath dense gray clouds through which no sun shone lay a forgotten planet. It was a nightmare world of grotesque and terrifying animal-plant life. Gigantic beetles, spiders, bugs and ants filled the putrid, musty earth—ready to kill and devour anything in sight.

There were men amidst this horror—men who cringed and ran from the ravening monsters and huddled in the mushroom forests at night.

Burl was one of these creatures. But one day inspiration hit Burl. He would find a weapon—he would fight back.

And with this idea the first step was taken in man's most desperate flight for freedom in this most horrible of all worlds. But it was only a first step.

Genre: Fiction


When the outlawed scientist Jim Hunt leaped from the prison plane, he had no suspicion that he was not the only one falling silently through the midnight sky. But other, stranger exiles were landing at that very moment in the same backwoods region ... exiles from the unknown depths of outer space, exiles seeking human food.

When Jim started to make his way back home, he discovered the full horror of that night's events. For the people he met had become mere flesh-and-blood puppets, mindless creatures doing the bidding of the unseen invaders. And though every man's hand was against him, both free and enslaved, Jim knew that he alone was humanity's only hope for survival.

Genre: Fiction

. . . unemployment was rising, but no one cared about that. Soon the Grek machines would take over all labor and nobody would need to work. People were hungry, but they tightened their belts and waited for the Greks' advanced method of fertilization to produce enough food for all.

A few people were beginning to look with horror at the new Grek-made world. They saw how the Greks' promises had destroyed ambition and incentive. They saw Earthmen, with their eyes fixed on the future, refusing to work enough to supply the needs of the present.

These doubting few banded together to resist the Greks' scheme of conquest by generosity. But they knew that even a united Earth would have a hard ,time fighting the advanced technology of the Greks. What chance was there for a handful of people, with no army and no weapons?

The Black Mask Magazine (Vol. 5, No. 1 — April 1922)

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