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Genre: Fiction


The people of Nidor lived by the Law and the Scripture, remembering always the Great Cataclysm that had nearly destroyed their world only five thousand years before. They gave thanks daily to the Great Light that had spared their ancestors, and knew that only respect for tradition would keep their children safe.

Then the strangers arrived-falling from the clouds and clothed in light.

They called themselves Earthmen.

Genre: Fiction

Jon didn’t know why he held a sword in his hand to fend off the Wild Ones; he knew only that he was one of many who for centuries had become—

Genre: Fiction

From Robert Silverberg’s “Earthmen and Strangers” anthology, 1966:

When human beings begin to encounter strangers in the universe, conflict is likely to erupt. Earthmen, by and large, are an aggressive sort of people, and it would not be surprising to run into a race of equally aggressive, militaristic creatures Out There. This could produce a nasty crash as one culture meets the other in a head-on impact.

However, one feature of alien beings is their alienness: They are not likely to think the way we do. This story suggests, in a deliciously deadpan way, how a suitably clever human can befuddle and bamboozle his extraterrestrial captors simply by telling the truth. Randall Garrett, who wrote it, is a bearded, booming-voiced man who now makes his home in Texas and who has spent considerable time studying the art of creating confusion without exactly lying. His high-spirited stories have been appearing in science fiction’s leading magazines since 1944, with some time out for service with the United States Marine Corps.

Genre: Fiction

Novel length offering in the Lord Darcy series; where magic takes the place of technology and the investigator’s friend is suspected of murder by magic.

Nominated for Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1967.

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