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Pearl Harbor. The JFK Assassination. September 11th. What do these events have in common? They all may have been engineered by one of the most elite, powerful, and secret organizations . . . in the U.S. government.A botched hostage rescue in the Philippines has earned Delta Force Major Jim Vaughn a choice: retire in disgrace, or join the aptly named Section 8 -- a collection of castoffs seemingly accountable to no one, composed of a handful of operators skilled enough to be unstoppable, and greedy, desperate, or insane enough to be expendable. But as Vaughn digs deeper, desperately trying to learn more about his new unit before departing on its next mission, he begins to suspect that while Section 8 may be one of the most deadly weapons in the U.S. arsenal, it might also be a weapon aimed directly at America itself. The fate of the country is suddenly in frighteningly unstable hands -- and for Jim Vaughn, the shocking truth has become devastatingly clear: there is only one way into Section 8 . . . and no way out.

Mind control is only the first step…

World domination is the next…

Bright Gate. HAARP. Remote Viewers. U.S. military operations so top secret that not even the president knew they existed. Now they have produced an elite group of commandos able to leave their bodies – and their souls – to fight anywhere, anytime, using the devastating power of the human mind.

Sergeant Major Jimmy Dalton is one of them. An ex-Green Beret, a man with no family, no ties, and nothing to lose, Dalton believes that the most dangerous weapon in any arsenal is the mind.

Among the first Psychic Warriors to be battle tested on the virtual plane, Dalton has seen up close the damage and destruction that the new weapons can cause. The memory will haunt him the rest of his days.

But for Dalton, for all of us, those days are numbered. A psychic cabal called the Priory is striking without warning, killing without mercy, aiming for world domination. And infiltrating the Psychic Warriors themselves…

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