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Genre: Children

An acclaimed dystopian trilogy gets new covers, a new format—and new titles.

It’s two months after the end of Shattered, and Lia is right back where she started: home, pretending to be the perfect daughter. But nothing’s the way it used to be. Lia has become the public face of the mechs, BioMax’s poster girl for the up-and-coming technology, devoting her life to convincing the world that she—and the others like her—deserve to exist. Then Jude resurfaces, and brings some scandalous information with him. Is BioMax really an ally to the mechs? Or are they using the technology for a great evil… and if so, can Auden really be a part of the plan? Meanwhile, Lia also learns a shocking truth about the accident that resulted in her download… a truth that forces her to make a decision she can never reverse.

Genre: Children

Kane and Harper know what they want:

Beth and Adam.

And they know how to get it:

Break up the shiny happy couple once and for all.

Miranda thinks she knows how to hit on Kane (Mr. Unattainable). But she could take a few pointers from the all-knowing Kaia, who's seducing Mr. Powell, teacher en fran�ais. And Reed? Well, he just knows how to have a good time…

Know the feeling?

Genre: Prose

Girls on Fire

But Lacey has a secret, about life before her better half, and it's a secret that will change everything…

Genre: Children

It's Vegas, baby! Anything can happen.

Reed has a (small) chance to win fame and fortune, thanks to his"entourage," Beth.

Sick of feeling like a loser, Harper's betting she can win back herlife, starting with Miranda – whose birthday wish just might cometrue…

Adam's also getting lucky, with a certain ex-girlfriend.

Kane, as usual, is playing hard – and not very nice.

Win or lose, it's going to be wild.

Genre: Children

One of the seven is dead, and everyone's reeling:

Adam's done. With love, with school…with everything. Done.

Beth's doing her best to act "normal," but even Reed recognizes devastation, since all he does is fantasize about Kaia.

Miranda's lost too.

Did she ever really forgive Harper?

Only Kane is actually doing something: uncovering how the crash happened – and why.

But there's no do-over with death.

There's only moving on – to the most unlikely places…

Genre: Children

Everyone's got something to brag about:

Kaia's getting it on with bachelor #1, though scruffball Reed's gotten to be quite an interesting distraction.

Kane and Harper got exactly what they planned:

Namely, Beth and Adam. (Though to keep gettin' it, their secrets – and pasts – best stay forgotten.)

Miranda got her heart broken, but now she's all decked with a new look and strategy.

Sometimes, though, you only think you've got everything…

Genre: Children

Alpha girl Harper is used to getting what she wants,

and that means Adam,

Beth's all-American boytoy.

Blond, boring Beth, who Kane,

the charming playah, secretly wants too.

Miranda thinks Kane is out of her league,

but she wants him all the same.

And then there's the new girl.

Kaia. Who only wants trouble -

and he's definitely on his way.

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