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Genre: Non-fiction

Peek behind the cockpit door and see who is flying the plane. Where do they find such men? Irreverent realism, full of loves, laughs and tremors; their layovers and prayovers. Much more than a pilot with a few good stories.

What a disappointment. What a waste of money. The title sounds good, there is the promise of going along in the cockpit of a heavy jet around the world—but this book is mostly a waste of time. The grammar, the organization, the presentation, the jumping from one unrelated topic to another, the introduction of characters and situations that then are never heard of again are all annoying and distracting. And it all ends with weird TWA 800 missile conspiracy stuff. Er what?

This is really just another personal website that would be OK reading for free, but is not deserving of a place on a bookshelf. Keshner never really talks about the actual flying, and while there are some sorta neat stories in the book, and I’d love to hear them at an airport bar, I was left feeling cheated out of my money. I’d pass on this book, and move on to great flying books by Gann, Bach, Drury, Morgan and many more.

Cockpit Trash

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