Predator: Escape from Tarkov


Genre Fiction

Year 2018

Language English

Volume book: Full version

When darkness falls on the streets of Tarkov… When ordinary people who just yesterday were friendly neighbors start to kill each other over a can of food… When everyday life turns into lawless mayhem in the space of an hour… That’s when an ordinary cubicle slave can suddenly transform into a fierce implacable predator, casting aside his keyboard in favor of a heavyweight shotgun. There’s no way back to his former life. There’s only one option left – to become the biggest beast in this concrete jungle. Welcome to Tarkov… This book was inspired by the video game Escape from Tarkov, and takes a closer look at one of the characters – a Scav. It’s not hard to understand the metamorphosis of hardened criminals, but how does an ordinary person, until yesterday an office worker, become a Scav? Will he be able to throw away everything and turn into a savage predator? He will, and surprisingly quickly. Fingers accustomed to clicking a mouse can just as comfortably pull a trigger. Even searching the still-warm body of an enemy poses no real problems. The pangs of conscience won’t last long. But can a predator like that retain any of their humanity? Will they still be capable of any good deeds? Let’s go to Tarkov and find out.

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