Genre Fiction

Year 2018

ISBN: 978-1-723-75359-6

Volume book: Full version

Classic Cyberpunk with some refreshing twists Set in a dystopian future, humanity has escaped the decaying physical landscape of Earth by transferring its collective conciseness into the digital world known as the Cyberside. Though designed to be a utopia, the Cyberside has quickly devolved into a chaotic, dangerous digital landscape. The story follows two main characters: a monster hunter, James Reynolds, and an “information vampire”, Matilda. James has lived his entire life in the Cyberside as his stoic, no-nonsense persona, “Taciturn.” Matilda, on the other hand, is a frenzied bundle of emotions and desires. Originally hired to eliminate the Matilda, James finds himself at the center of a diabolical conspiracy. Together they will journey to reload the supervising AI System and unveil the mystery behind its original architecture. A world to explore, a message to consider… Cyberside is a science fiction novel that explores human emotions. Written with a focus on characters as much as technology, Cyberside is an allegorical take on the role of progress and technology in the modern world; while focusing on recapturing humanity in an otherwise cold, often inhuman landscape. It’s a journey through the tech ridden world of the Cyberside through the eyes of two disparate characters thrust into an adventure together. A love letter to our favorites Both Aleksey and Bert are video game professionals, technology geeks, and committed gamers with more than 20 years of the experience in narrative direction. Be ready to spot hints, nods, and Easter Eggs to the games, movies and TV series that have help shaped their creative tastes.

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