Genre Fiction

Selection The Island

Year 2019

Volume book: Full version

“We can fight them, Asher. They think they’re untouchable, but they’re not. We can get to them and we can make them pay for everything they did to us!” Five years after it was born in a patch of mud, the town of Steadfall is slowly getting stronger. As she tries to retain control, however, Asher finds that her authority is being whittled away. Just when she thinks she might lose the town entirely, three strangers arrive and offer to help. One in particular, a man named Harold, seems to understand exactly what Asher needs. Unfortunately, his help comes at a terrible cost. Meanwhile, Iris has left town and set out to explore the island, searching for a lost town that supposedly pre-dates Steadfall. What she finds, however, is a chilling reminder of the island’s savagery, and a warning that more horror is to come. Soon, the residents of Steadfall find themselves fighting for their lives, while Asher starts to experience terrifying glimpses of the past that was wiped from her mind. Persona is the second book in the Island series, about two people trying to establish their own order in a mad world, and about the horrors that take place when humanity is let off the leash.

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