The Skies of Pern


Genre Fiction

Selection Dragonriders of Pern

Year 2002

ISBN: 0-345-43469-2

Volume book: Full version

With the Dragonriders of Pern, McCaffrey has given us more than just an extraordinary masterwork of imagination. She has given us a whole world-and has taught us to fly. Now, in this triumphant return to Pern, Anne McCaffrey takes us on an adventure as surprising and unforgettable as any that has come before…


McCaffrey's most popular series takes on a new dimension with the latest installment, as familiar characters feel the weight of their years, giving way to a new generation of humans and their dragon companions."

–Library Journal

"The continuing evolution of this world is carefully handled and always fascinating… . Multifaceted as the eyes of their dragons, these novels offer romance, adventure, medieval pageantry, intrigue… [and] a satisfyingly complex society. In McCaffrey serves up a buffet which can satisfy virtually anyone who steps up to its table."

–SciFi Weekly

First Hardcover Edition: April 2001 First Mass Market Edition: January 2002

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