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Enderby's Dark Lady


Genre Humor

Year 2008

Language English

Volume book: Full version

"A brilliant and breathless performance…vintage Burgess… The whole performance stuns." – The Boston Globe

"Readers will howl with laughter – a wickedly amusing book." – The Atlantic Monthly

"Resurrected by popular request… Enderby the poet stalks about in this fourth Enderby novel, the mouthpiece, as usual, of his author's concern for language and sardonic, sometimes sour appraisal of modern popular culture… Burgess displays the uncanny ear for dialect for which he is noted and, with customary bravado, opens and closes his story with Will Shakespeare himself." – Publishers Weekly

"Enderby / Burgess is an absolutely hilarious and sage observer of people, language and life: There are at least a dozen moments in this short book which will make you laugh out loud." – San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle

"Enderby is one of Burgess' funniest literary inventions, combining verbal virtuosity with world-class eccentricity." – Houston Post

"Literate, funny and smart." – Playboy

"Here is a writer who can make the plausible comic and the comic plausible. In the process he enriches our sense of what it means to enjoy life." – San Diego Union

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