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Traitor to the Blood


Genre Fiction

Selection Noble Dead

Year 2008

ISBN: 0-451-46066-9, 978-0-451-46066-0

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Born a half-breed to an elven mother and human father, Leesil was raised in the Warlands as assassin, spy, and slave to Lord Darmouth, ruler to one of its independent provinces. But Leesil's mother trained him too well, and he used his skills to escape, leaving his parents to suffer Darmouth's wrath for all such traitors and their kin. Now, with newfound purpose in the company of his beloved Magiere, Leesil returns to confront the sins of his past and uncover his parents' fate.

Unable to turn him from this dangerous course, Magiere follows Leesil into the darkness of his past in the Warlands. Knowing what may happen should Darmouth learn of Leesil's return, she is prepared to slaughter any who may try to take him from her. But Magiere's own past may well pose a more deadly threat. Two creatures of unfathomable power continue to stalk her-one who believes she's the key to his salvation, and one who seeks to destroy her...and all those she loves.

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