Genre Fiction

Selection Ice Rift

Year 2018

Volume book: Full version

ICE RIFT – SIBERIA is the third book in the Ice Rift series and need to be read first to gain maximum enjoyment from this novel. Having stowed aboard the Russian vehicle transporting the alien weaponry salvaged from the doomed Antarctic spaceship, the surviving fragment of EV1L arrives at a secret underground complex in the remote wilderness of the Siberian tundra. It will hide. It will feed and grow. It will breed. When all is ready, EV1L and her hoard of vicious offspring will emerge from the facility and head for the nearest city to start their conquest of Earth. When the Americans intercept a plea for help from the secret facility and learn of the alien menace, a crack team is rushed to Siberia. Their mission is to destroy the alien creatures before they escape. If they fail, it could bring about the end of human civilization.

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