Just Outside Our Windows, Deep Inside Our Walls


Genre Fiction

Year 2012

ISBN: 978-1597802178

Language English

Volume book: Full version

He knows all about living alone. Knows all about life on the top floor, on the other side of the locks that keep him there. It's not a bad life. Lots of other kids have it worse, and he has everything he wants. Except for paper and pencils.

He did a terrible thing once, with nothing more than a drawing and dislike, to someone who will never be right again.

When Roni moves in next door for the summer, singing enigmatic songs in the window across from him, it's the beginning of a new adventure: friendship, and a secret line to the world outside.

Summer always ends, though, and guests have to go home. But friendship means forever.

No matter what the cost to life and limb.

“Just Outside Our Windows, Deep Inside Our Walls” is a haunting story of childhood’s random cruelties, and how its power can be reclaimed in uncompromising ways, by the author that Caitlín Kiernan has called “one of the most marvelously irreverent voices in dark fantasy today.”

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