The Bone Jar


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection The Owen Archer Series

Year 2022

ISBN: 9781682305409

Volume book: Full version

The Owen Archer Series

Owen Archer returns in a mesmerizing short story about the danger of false miracles and the treachery of true believers.

Magda the Riverwoman has called Owen Archer to her island hut in the middle of the River Ouse with a special favor – to guard a jar of human bones. No one in York is greedier than the relic dealers, the insatiable charlatans who sell flesh and bone as miracle cures, but Magda will not sell the remains at any price. Instead, she asks Owen to protect the jar and keep one eye out for the dark figure that has been watching the island, waiting patiently for the right moment to strike…

The Bone Jar

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