The Riddle of St Leonard’s


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection The Owen Archer Series

Year 2022

ISBN: 1626819793 (ISBN13: 9781626819795)

Volume book: Full version

The Owen Archer Series #5

In the year of our Lord 1369, the much-loved Queen Phillippa lies dying in Windsor Castle, the harvest has failed, and the pestilence has returned. In York, the atmosphere of fear and superstition is heightened by a series of thefts and violent deaths at St. Leonard’s Hospital – as well as rumors that these crimes are connected to the hospital’s dwindling funds.

The Master of St. Leonard’s, Sir Richard de Ravenser, hurries north from the queen’s deathbed to summon Owen Archer, the soldier-spy, to investigate the scandal before it ruins him. Now, while Owen’s wife, Lucie, faces the plague-panicked townsfolk at the apothecary, he encounters a seemingly random series of clues: a riddle posed by one of the victims at the hospital, a lay sister with a scandalous past, the kidnapping of a child from the hospital orphanage, and a case of arson.

The answer to the riddle of St. Leonard’s lies in the past, and as Owen’s family is caught up in the sweep of pestilence, he must abandon them to race across the countryside to save the next victim…

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