Rebel Train


Genre Prose

Year 2016

ISBN: 978-0-615-76270-8

Language English

Volume book: Full version

In a daring plan, the Confederate Secret Service sends a group of cavalrymen to kidnap, or kill, President Abraham Lincoln by seizing the train secretly carrying him to Gettysburg on the eve of his famous Address. Colonel Arthur Percy leads the rebel raiders into enemy territory. His crew includes Tom Flynn, an assassin sent to make sure Percy follows orders — or dies trying. Lincoln is not the only valuable cargo on the train. A fortune in Union payroll is the target of a Baltimore belle and a tough gambler. The situation is further complicated when the original crew of the seized train finds another locomotive and gives chase. Based on a true story, Rebel Train runs a mile a minute in a steam-driven race through the farmlands and mountains of Maryland and Virginia. The outcome will decide not only the fate of Lincoln and the Raiders, but of the Union and the Confederacy.

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