Wyatt's Hurricane


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Year 2017

Language English

Volume book: Full version

On a lush Caribbean island, a group of four men and two women find themselves caught between a hurricane and a revolution. Meteorologist David Wyatt knew the hurricane would hit. The West Indian natives were never wrong when they began tying down their roofs, regardless of what his tracking instruments showed. What Wyatt couldn’t forsee war the tumultuous conjunction of force — both natural and man-made — the was about to make Mabel his personal hurricane, one that would sweep his either to death or glory. Wyatt’s hurricane! It comes just as the island’s rebel leader, unaware of its approach, is massing his forces in the mountains for an attack on the city below. As the wind and the war near each other, Wyatt becomes the one person who can save the island from destruction, the inhabitants from death. To do it, he must beat a two-fold onslaught in a near-fatal race against time and terror — a tale of imaginative adventure and suspense.

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