Island of Fog and Death


Genre Fiction

Year 2018

Language English

Volume book: Full version

It’s hungry… and it wants out! Something came to Earth two thousand years ago. The Roman Army trapped it under an island off the Welsh coast, but then as their empire decayed, they forgot about it. Now it tastes fresh air for the first time in centuries, and it wants out! A celebrity historian finds clues to a two-thousand year old mystery and sets out to solve it. But he is not the only one seeking what the Romans left buried. Strange things are happening in North Wales. When a United Nations official is fished from the sea, the UN decides to look into it. Peri Carlton, seconded to a little-known agency of the UN Security Council, is sent to Wales. But though she does not yet realise it, her new boss at the UN suspects that Peri is not exactly human. She finds that the island is strangely quiet… it seems the buried beast is not the only monster on the foggy island… Please note that “Island of Fog and Death” was previously published under the title “Child of the Servator”

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