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They Came to Kill


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection Able Team

Year 2006

Language English

Volume book: Full version

After the ambush-murders of a Central Intelligency Agency surveillance unit, Able Team flies to Lebanon with instructions to "arrest or terminate" a renegade U.S. Marine fighting for the Islamic militias of Beirut.

But in the twisted politics and free-fire streets of the devastated city, Able Team decides to disregard their instructions and join the Marine and his Shia friends to confront a conspiracy of fanatics — Syrians, Iranians, Libyans and American black nationalists — united in their lust for terror.

Able Team wages a dirty battle through the ruins of Beirut, then tracks the gangs halfway around the world to Mexico, where the Americans hurl themselves against the zealots before they murder again — this time, the President of the United States!

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