Genre Mystery and thrillers

Year 2018

ISBN: 978-0-7181-3602-4

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Free choice? There’s no such thing, according to Lee Morris, architect, engineer, jobbing builder and entrepreneur. Choice is pre-ordained by your personality, he says. Stratton Park racecourse, privately owned, faces ruin in the hands of a squabbling family. Lee, loosely connected but not related, is slowly sucked into the turmoil, unwillingly on the surface but half-understanding the deep compulsions that influence his decisions. One road leads to safety, another to death. How do you know when you must choose? How do you know which is which? Lee’s choices and their consequences bring deadly results, but the road out of the quicksand is there, if he can find it. Horses and racing, familiar Dick Francis ingredients, but this time there are also children, houses, roots and decisions. Danger? Naturally. Stratton Park racecourse is worth multi-millions, and all the splinter-groups of the Stratton family are playing to win. Decider is an inspired concoction of wonderfully conceived characters and a totally unpredictable plot that can only mean one thing — you are in the hands of the master.

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