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Blood Dues


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection The Executioner

Year 2005

ISBN: 0-373-61071-8

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Rumors and rumbles of a Cuban exile connection with the Mafia crime machine in Miami have come to Bolans ears.

The Executioner enters an old battleground, only to find hordes of Cuban outcasts crowding the city center, and the teeming core of Miami pulsing to a new Latin death song.

Grim specters and faithful friends of a former life weave a deja vu tapestry as Bolan hits both the Mob and an exile splinter movement.

Clouds of terror hang low over Americas southern ocean playground. The rumbles are turning to thunder. Unless Bolan can stop the Havana hurricane, Miami and its beaches will be awash in blood!

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