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Blood Sport


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection The Executioner

Year 2005

ISBN: 0373610467

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Mack was back in an undercover role. Posing as a U.S. Army sergeant selling guns to terrorists, Bolan struck deep into the ranks of Europes most brutal group of Kidnappers.

A team of world-class athletes had been taken hostage. The captors — the Zwilling Horde. The aim— pirating of a deadly chemical weapon. The answer — Mack Bolan!

The Executioner was up against fearsome adversaries — the vicious Tania, who liked to scorch the flesh of friends, and the hideous Rudi, a giant hulk whose battle with Bolan added a new dimension to savagery.

But they didnt have a chance in hell. When Bolan is reduced to bare fists, only the dead are safe!

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