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Day of Mourning


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection The Executioner

Year 2005

ISBN: 0-373-61062-9

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Mack Bolan sensed danger when he lost contact with Stony Man Farm. The Phoenix fortress in Virginias Blue Ridge Mountains should be impenetrable. But was it? Bolan returned home to find the Stony strongholds security violated and ace armorer, Andrzej Konzaki, mortally wounded. A web of treachery now enshrouded the Farm, imperiling its existence. In one blood-drenched night, Bolan embarked on an odyssey of revenge. From D.C.s corridors of power to the cathouse depths of sewer city, he pursued an elusive specter who bartered in mens souls. And each time the trail led to a dead end. Who was this faceless enemy?

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