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Doomsday Disciples


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection The Executioner

Year 2005

ISBN: 0-373-61049-1

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Using the American tradition of freedom of religion as a smoke screen, a cultist group had gone mad in the streets of San Francisco. People were being slaughtered in the name of a bizarre new sacrilege, The Universal Devotees. Killings were random, senseless...

Mack Bolan quickly identified the devil incarnate — Nguyen Van Minh, a stateless Asian refugee who had mastered mind-control on a massive scale.

Bolan smelled KGB. Evidence grew that the killer creed was a Soviet weapon for wholesale butchery. When a senators lovely young daughter was sucked into its ranks, The Executioner launched the one deadly brand of combat — firestorms of glory that scorch yet revive the earth — that could crush Minhs blasphemy at its accursed heart.

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