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Tiger War


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection The Executioner

Year 2005

ISBN: 0-373-61061-0

Language English

Volume book: Full version

A trap!

So much for undercover operations, thought Bolan. His nighttime parachute drop into Thailand had become an open secret. Enemy gunfire zeroed in on his position. It was survival time in the jungle again!

The Executioner was in Southeast Asias Golden Triangle to strike at the international illicit-drug industry. But his advance man had been captured by the enemy — the 93rd Kuomintang Division of the Nationalist Chinese Army, better known as Tiger Enterprises, the worlds largest heroin ring.

Bolans Montagnard army now refused to fight. The tribesmen, traditional enemies of the Chinese for 4,000 years, were fierce warriors but fickle allies. They knew better than to back a loser...

But Bolan would not lose. However much death it took.

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