The House of Eros


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Year 2018

Language English

Volume book: Full version

The wealthy businessman Cy Stephenson is enjoying the comfortable lifestyle afforded to a president of a New York country club. But he leaves behind a wild past in Saigon’s notorious Eros bar, where hedonism often turned into something more sinister. Meanwhile in Saigon, the beautiful Amerasian young woman Nan Luc is determined to honour her father and find the truth behind her mother’s death. She attends a provincial corruption trial in Vietnam that reveals Stephenson’s lurid activities during the war, and driven by vengeance for her mother she crosses the ocean to America to kill her father. Determined to keep a lid on his past, Stephenson embarks on a tactical affair with his wife’s sister, before resorting to blackmail and murder as Nan Luc chases down her target. ‘The House of Eros’ is a pulsing international thriller from Donald James, author of such captivating books as ‘The House of Janus’ and ‘Once a Gentleman’.





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