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Way Station


Genre Fiction

Year 2018

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Within six months, all the human life on the rogue planet Way Station, meant as a second chance for a dying world, was wiped out, and nobody knows why. Doctors Eve Strauss and Isaac Federman are sent to the planet to investigate the deaths with no team, hardly any contact with home, and no idea what they’re getting into. What they are certain of is that they likely will not make it out alive. These are the transcripts of Eve’s audio diary as they traverse a sunless world that they once thought was safe and calm, following strange storms, impossible noises in the dark, and a trail of bodies that spans the entire planet. Supposedly, they are the only living beings on the surface of Way Station, and they have to rely on each other to stay stable and on task when they’re otherwise surrounded by millions of years of death.

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