America, America


Genre Drama

Volume book: Full version

Elia Kazan, ethnic Greek but Turkish by birth, tells the story of the struggles of his uncle in emigrating to America. In the 1890's, the young, kind-hearted but naive Stavros Topouzoglou lives in Anatolia, where the Greek and Armenian minorities are repressed by the Turks, often through violent means. Even Stavros being friends with an Armenian was frowned upon. As such, Stavros dreamed of a better life — specifically in America — where, as a result, he could make his parents proud by his grand accomplishments. Instead, his parents, with most of their money, send Stavros to Constantinople to help fund the carpet shop owned by his first cousin once removed. What Stavros encounters on his journey, made on foot with a small donkey, makes him question life in Anatolia even further. Once in Constantinople, his resolve to earn the 110 Turkish pound third class fare to the United States becomes stronger than ever. Only an earlier good deed may have help him ultimately achieve his goal of reaching the United States and a better life.

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