Russian Treasures


Genre Love stories

Selection Russian Treasures

Year 2018

ISBN: 978-1-7325840-1-3

Volume book: Full version

The year is 1917. Ten years after leaving his home on bad terms, Klim Rogov returns to Russia to claim his inheritance after his wealthy father’s death. As a famous journalist now holding Argentinean citizenship, he wants nothing to do with the ongoing Great War, Tsar Nicholas II, or the collapsing Russian Empire. Klim knows that he should leave the country as soon as possible, but then he meets Nina, a young businesswoman, and falls in love with her. She is, in some ways, an “immigrant” too—a brave soul who dared to enter the hostile, man-dominated world of business and succeeded despite the odds. But all of her achievements are ruined during a gloomy October night when the Reds seize power and ban all private property. People like Klim and Nina suddenly become public enemies. As a foreign citizen, Klim has a chance to escape the civil war unleashed by the Bolshevik revolution, though now he feels like a first-class passenger on the Titanic, who has to save only himself or die. Time is running out, and Klim must make a fateful decision that will cost him dearly either way.

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