Bonjour Tristesse and a Certain Smile


Genre Prose

Year 2017

ISBN: 9780141198767

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Bonjour Tristesse

It tells the story of Cécile, who leads a carefree life with her widowed father and his young mistresses until, one hot summer on the Riviera, he decides to remarry - with devastating consequences. In, which is also included in this volume, Dominique, a young woman bored with her lover, begins an encounter with an older man that unfolds in unexpected and troubling ways.

Both novellas have been freshly translated by Heather Lloyd and include an introduction by Rachel Cusk.

Françoise Sagan was born in France in 1935.(1954), published when she was just eighteen, became aand even earned its author a papal denunciation. Sagan went on to write many other novels, plays and screenplays, and died in...

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