This Night’s Foul Work


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Year 2012

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Finalist for the Duncan Lawrie International Dagger

“If you haven’t cottoned on to Vargas’s brilliant Adamsberg detective series, then you’re missing a treat.” – Scotland on Sunday

“Irresistibly gripping, powerfully written and quite often frightening.” – Marcel Berlins, The Times

“Beautifully paced and elegantly written, Vargas’s fifth novel is a joy… As elegantly stylized as a tango, and just as sexy… The characters are memorable and beautifully made… I wanted this novel to go on and on and on.” – Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail

“Vargas’s detective stories are so complex, yet simple, so cleverly nuanced, yet basic, so peopled with misfits, eccentrics and ne’er-do-wells that they grab the attention of any reader… Just as the various threads start coming together, the guilty becoming apparent, the whole case unravels wonderfully, again and again.” – Ottawa Citizen

“This Night’s Foul Work goes beyond the suspense and plot twists expected of detective fiction as Vargas has created enthralling characters with very real emotions.” – French Magazine

“The narrative pace and the conglomeration of oddities and details make for a high level of entertainment and mystery.” –

“Vargas sees the novel, and the detective story in particular, as fulfilling some of the same functions as Greek tragedy. In This Night’s Foul Work, Adamsberg travels out to a Normandy village where the locals’ caustic observations on his investigation resemble nothing so much as a Greek chorus.” – The Guardian


A phenomenal bestseller in France, This Night's Foul Work is another irresistible installment in the internationally acclaimed Commissaire Adamsberg series.

On the edge of Paris two small-time drug dealers have had their throats cut in a peculiar fashion. Setting out on the trail of the shadowy killer, Commissaire Adamsberg and his detectives travel between Paris and the Normandy countryside. Adamsberg's investigation into these horrible deaths brings him into contact with the attractive Ariane Lagarde – a pathologist who caused him professional grief some twenty-five years ago. There's also a new lieutenant on the scene, whose ties to Adamsberg's past create tension and hostility in his present. Vargas has given us another multi-layered, deliciously-paced and thrilling addition to her acclaimed series.

This Night's Foul Work is the finest novel yet from the wonderful Fred Vargas.

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