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Lord Sunday


Genre Fiction

Selection The Keys to the Kingdom

Year 2016

ISBN: 0439700906

Volume book: Full version

The stunning conclusion to the blockbuster Keys to the Kingdom series. Arthur Penhaligon wields six of the seven Keys to the Kingdom, but will that be enough to defeat Lord Sunday?

Master of the Incomparable Gardens, the last of the Trustees, and the most powerful Denizen in the house, Lord Sunday is a fierce opponent. And Arthur is running out of time.

With everything falling to pieces around him, Arthur must be quick if he is to stem the tide of Nothing and save the House and the Secondary Realms. But he is beset by worries. Will he ever get home to his family? Does he have a home and family left? Is he even really human anymore? And perhaps most urgent of all: What will be revealed when the Will of the Architect is finally made whole?

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