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Genre Fiction

Year 2012

ISBN: 978-1587671715

Language English

Volume book: Full version

From Geoff Cooper and Brian Keene comes a dark coming-of-age tale. When 11-year-old Danny skips school to go hunting for crabs near the Haverstraw Marina, he finds a dead body instead-and stumbles across one of the darkest and deadliest secrets in Brackard’s Point. A secret that threatens the lives of Danny, his friends, and the mysterious old Russian known as Gustav…

“…and Land rose from the waters, and Lo! there was Life. He looked down upon His creation and said, ‘Well fuck me running. I really screwed up here, didn’t I?’ This blight upon the Land became known as Geoff Cooper.”

“…and on the eighth day, He created Brian Keene, and then decided that was a mistake, so He fucked off to the other end of the universe and left Keene in charge.”

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