Neuroseed: A Cyberpunk Thriller


Genre Fiction

Year 2018

Language English

Volume book: Full version

A Dystopian Cyberpunk Adventure for fans of Blade Runner, Altered Carbon and Neuromancer! Celeste Walker’s home is the Crawl: a dystopian mega-city covering two-thirds of the Earth’s surface. The entire population are interconnected through a cyberspace network called the Flood. Celeste hunts down and defuses rogue memories in the Flood for a living. Her life is well-ordered, calculated, and routine – until the memories she hunts start fighting back. What is real and what is not begins to blur. Her work colleagues are found dead – is she the murderer? With her life and sanity at stake, Celeste finds her way to the forbidden Zero Sector, where the shocking truth awaits. Will she be the one to lead a revolution against the hi-sector elite and the mysterious Man in the Moon? Or, will she betray and ultimately destroy the human race? Includes bonus short stories: Neon Dawn, A Sculptor’s Dream and End Program


Autumn Christian, acclaimed author of The Crooked God Machine and We are Wormwood

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