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Sentry Peak


Genre Fiction

Selection The Fantastic Civil War

Year 2008

ISBN: 0671578871

Language English

Volume book: Full version

In this novel, every characterisic is changed - directions are reversed, the issue of slavery is reversed to serfdom, the color of the oppressed class is changed from negro to blond - only the victors, as changed, stay the same. As a history buff, it makes a very interesting story. Sentry Peak is really Lookout Mountain. The generals are given similar names in the book, but they keep their true natures. The book covers the Tennessee fron in 1863, when U S Grant (General Bart in the book), took over from Roscrans (Guildenstern in the book) and got things moving by driving General Bragg (in the book - Thraxton) out of Tennessee in spite of an almost impossible position. Grant had the ability to cause his generals to work together and to strike his enemy with massed and combined forces. Bragg fought with his subordinates and seldom struck a solid combined blow. The book uses magic to replace science and thus has spells, flying carpets, and crossbows, and even has unicorns instead of horses in the cavalry - makes a very interesting tale out of a subject that many classes study through in boredom.

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