Bleeding Hearts


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection Jack Harvey

Year 2018

ISBN: 978-0-7472-0999-7

Volume book: Full version

Michael Weston is an assassin with a problem. His latest job has been carried out with customary precision. Yet it has led the police straight to him. Has he been set up? Why? And by Whom? To answer these questions he must first track down his paymasters. The suspects multiply like a particularly vicious virus. When Weston’s bullet hit home, the diplomat and a British junior minister, both with target. But the victim had enemies too, personal and professional. Weston knows his own reputation is at stake. He made a mistake once before and is still paying for it. Now he must become a different kind of hunter, working through his victim’s past towards the answers. The trail will take him from Europe to North America, charting a grand conspiracy and the involvement of a pernicious religious cult. And all the time the hunter is also the hunted. Hoffer is an ex-cop with an obsession, hired to find the assassin and enact a dreadful revenge. But Hoffer has only one advantage over the rest... he knows the assassin’s weakness that could prove all too fatal. What happens when the killer becomes a target? When he takes more risks than he should? If he’s not careful, someone is going to bleed Michael Weston dry.

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